What is a Tantrum?



  1. an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

Seems legit! But I think the definition of a Tantrum should be more along the lines of:



  1. An action undertaken by a toddler possessed by three or more demons at once!


My Boy’s Tantrum Face

My little boy doesn’t yet have tantrums as such but more little fits of frustration. As you may have already know from my post, What is a Security Blanket, he really loves Matchbox cars. The little guy likes to place his cars onto a little platform on top of his fisher price car ramp, he then proceeds to quickly push all of them down one after the other. This is all good and quite fun to watch, except when he has more than 5 cars out at once. The thing he can’t quite grasp, is that the platform only fits 5 cars and that no amount of rearranging or trying to force it between two others will make another one fit. So before the little bugger can chuck a fit, I race over and push them all down and then sneakily grab the extra ones. Tantrum averted!

He often walks around grabbing cars and tucking them into his arm so that he can cart an armful somewhere. Picking up one last one is when it all falls apart, literally. He will try once or twice without incident to get one last car to fit, which inevitably keeps on dropping. If it drops again, he chucks a little tanty and flings his arms out in frustration consequently dropping them all. Because that clearly solves the problem! 

Then he starts picking them up all over again!

He has yet to chuck a full blown tantrum, he just chucks these little mini tantrums when things don’t go his way. 

I sincerely hope it stays this way.

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So tell us, what is the regular trigger that makes your little angel fly off the handle?

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