Ultimate Futuristic Man Cave

Recently I have found myself seriously considering building some sort of structure on my own. Now I don’t know exactly what I want yet or my preferred method. There are multiple styles, simple modular like structures that I could expand upon with new modules or a mobile tiny cabin, maybe even an Earthship. I am a long way from actually being able to get something started, but I’m really enjoying the research and seeing how others have created tiny living spaces.

I was using that amazing tool, youtube, when I came across a video on the channel Living Big In A Tiny House that absolutely blew my tiny little mind.

The skysphere


SkySphere By Jono

This guy, Jono has built himself a beautiful round, glass panelled room on top of a mighty big pole. It has all sorts of really cool features which includes an automated beer dispenser, coloured LED lighting and even an automated door. I have my own special little Nerd Cave in my house but what Jono has built is truly awesome. Now I just need to build my own for all my nerd gear. Check it out in the video below.

Also check out The Skysphere.com where Jono updates us all with new features and upgrades to The Skysphere. The Skypsphere is also on Facebook at Facebook.com/Theskysphere

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