Ugly Babies – We All Think It Sometimes

Baby number one, aka Adam, was a good looking little sucker, but what about baby number two. My wife said to me the other day “I hope our little girl is cute!” Now she has me wondering.

I was so worried that the little bloke would be ugly before he came out. When I first saw him and his little misshaped head (he got stuck) I was like “Oh No!!! I should never have judged other peoples babies!” Luckily by the next day he looked a lot more normal and actually quite cute. So much so that I was rather shocked. But that doesn’t mean everyone thinks so!


Here is my kidlet at 11 months

I jokingly told everyone that there was no way two such good looking people could have anything other than an incredibly cute baby. Now, in all honesty while I don’t think I’m a George Clooney, I’m not too shabby. In saying that, I do think that my wife is beautiful and (hope she reads this) no one else compares. Also, now that I think about it my parents aren’t particularly fine specimens, so how did I turn out alright. 

I suppose it’s all down to the luck of the genetic draw. I got lucky, although not so much with my nose, I got the better features of both Mum and Dad. Now my sisters… They weren’t so lucky. Adam was also lucky he got all the best parts of both me and his Mum. For example, take a really good looking couple, a guy with chiseled features but not so harsh he cuts the razor with his jawline and a girl that looks like she stepped out of a magazine and mix them together. They have just as much chance of creating an ugly baby as the rest of us. In fact you often see it in reality. Think about it. Privacy isn’t the only reason some celebrities hide their babies from the public, a lot of the time they just want to hide the monstrosity they created.

The other side of the coin is that kids change a bloody lot as they get older. Some cute kids can turn into disturbing looking individuals, while awkward children can grow into their oversized features. I know a guy who had a terribly large head as a baby but now to look at him you would almost say that it might be a little on the small side.

Often babies are quite ugly when they first appear, after a few days some of them seem to soften and morph into cute little critters. But others retain the ugly baby look. I don’t mean to be horrible, but hey, give me a break we all think it at some point or another. I just happen to be the sort who tells it as it is. I am not a bully, just because I think and sometimes say these things discretely, doesn’t mean I actively put people down. 

Everybody sees cuteness, beauty and ugly in different ways, you might think that a big nose is cute and others might be a little scared. Everyone is different!

Having a cute baby really is up to the luck of the draw, at this stage you can’t preselect which features go into the chosen wriggly and lucky egg. 

Lynch mob prevention disclaimer: All babies are wonderful, pure and innocent creatures, at that age looks don’t even matter.

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