The Joys of Changing Nappies

Nothing can prepare a parent for the joys that come with nappy changing. Except maybe working in childcare…. Who would do that to themselves?

The day your child is born is truly a wonderful day, but before that day is done you will, no doubt, have changed your first nappy. 

When little humans are born they seem very fragile and in many ways they are. Then you see the midwives handling them like footballs and your jaw drops. It feels like so long since I felt that way with my son. But now that we have a new born girl I get that feeling all over again, especially since up until a few months ago it took nearly all my strength to hold the toddler in place for his nappy changes. It was like wrestling a writhing crocodile. Enjoy those first six months of nappy changes, because before you know it every single nappy change will be a struggle.

Our first born is now a toddler, nearing the shitty wonderful age of three. He is mostly toilet trained. Still has an accident now and again but has yet to learn to wipe himself. Is it really that hard? I would have thought that trying to maneuver his little bike around the house would have been a more complicated task. 

Its Nappy Changing Time

But alas we still have to do the wiping for him. Half the time we get lucky and he snaps it off clean, but we still need to give it a quick wipe to check anyway. At least the mini ultimate fighting champion no longer feels the need to kick me in the face at toilet time like he did when he still wore nappies. Now he just tries to sneak off toilet before you realise he has finished so that he can run around laughing while you chase him with a flushable wipe praying that there are no turd nuggets sent flying while the chase is on. 

There is one thing that I firmly believe every new parent needs to be warned about. While baby wipes are tough and may seem like awesome force shields for your hands, they aren’t totally indestructible. It is an incredibly dissatisfying moment when you wipe your babies backside and you notice that your finger has made its way through the wipe. You almost feel like tearing your own fingernail off, because yes, that is mini-human poo now securely embedded under there.

Its not all bad though. When all is said and done, having kids is an ordeal but mostly a wonderful one, with just a few sides of “oh bugger” thrown in! Tweet That


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