The Daddy Nerd

So, I decided I should kick off this blog with a little about me. I am a Dad! My greatest achievement to date is my little boy and soon a little girl. I am also a nerdy, geeky sort of guy. I was recently looking over the definition of each simply to see which applies to me. I couldn’t really decide, they both seemed a bit like me. I’d have to lean towards Nerd a bit more though.

I’m not a very social sort of person. Not a big fan of parties and all those normal people things. I have a particular love of everything sci-fi/fantasy, whether it’s books, movies, TV or games. My collection is quite extensive and I’m disappointed at how slow the genre seems to be getting released these days. But that’s another story. I like creating things, especially alien sculptures. I use Super Sculpey to design my own aliens. I like to paint Warhammer 40K. Ok, that’ll do for now, we can talk more about the multitude of other stuff that makes me a nerd later.

Painting Warhammer

 One of My Many Nerdy Hobbies

After mentioning hobbies like those people start to look at me strange. I’m often asked if I like sports and fishing and other normal stuff. My answer to that is, Yes, I do like sports. playing sports, not watching sports on TV. I couldn’t think of anything more boring, except maybe fishing. My little boy won’t be denied experiences such as these and if thats what he chooses to occupy his time with, well its his choice. His grandfather and mother will gladly show him the ropes of boating and fishing, just like his other grandfather will take him camping and four wheel driving. Meanwhile I’ll supply him with all the Lego, science, video games, Hockey (not ice hockey), music, nerd art and sci-fi that I can get my hands on.

daddy nerd

Nerdy Dad and His Happy Little Boy

Although I don’t like spending much time with groups of other people, my little family is a different story. There is nothing better than seeing my little guy smile. Nope, not even Star Wars. Although it does come a close third behind seeing my wife smile. ;)

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