The Coolest Father’s Day Present Ever – Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts are often hard to find or even think of, but this particular unique gift idea would be a real winner with all those science and space nerds like me. Everyone has their own idea of what the best father’s day present would be. But for me, I now know for certain. In September of 2014 (months ago, I know) I received a certificate from my kids and wife. On said certificate there was a declaration that a crater on Mars had been named by my kids for me. The name of the crater is Legendous Luke Thompson! Yes, Legendous is just a made up word, actually a nickname that I was given once upon a time. I think it’s a nice touch.

Best Fathers Day Present Ever

The crater is not mine, just named for me. Some people are sceptical about whether the names will be officially recognised. In the end the place names and crater names will be determined by those who first call Mars home. The Uwingu map with my special crater marked on it will be the official map of Mars One. So all those people (hopefully our mate Josh Richards included) that Mars One plans on sending will use and refer to features on Mars according to the Uwingu map. In fact there is a chance that someone will visit my crater one day.

A lot of people might think it’s a stupid idea but I think it’s great. I will most likely never get to visit crater Legendous Luke Thompson of Mars Latitude: -51.6°N, Longitude: 81.47°E but I know it is there. You can even see my crater on the mars map at Uwingu just look up the latitude and longitude. 

Having a Mars Crater Named After You! The Best Gift Ever!! Tweet This

Check out Uwingu, it is such a great gift idea.

A big thanks to my kids and lovely wife for getting the perfect gift for a Daddy Nerd.


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