Stargate Fan Dresses up as a Stargate!

How in the world do you cosplay or dress up like a Stargate?

Well as it turns out Nyima-Chan gave it a damn good go.

I always thought I was a true Sci-fi fan but I am not so sure after seeing someone go to the effort of actually creating and wearing a Stargate, event horizon and all, has made me question my inner (Ok, outer) nerd. I have seen every single episode (a lot more than once) of all the Stargate TV series denominations and the Stargate movies, so I am definitely a Stargate fan. But I have never been one for dressing up, especially not in a dress, well maybe just that once. Actually it was a skirt…. Lets save that story for another time…. or maybe not.

I have always loved how fans dress up and aren’t afraid to show their love for their favourite characters. Nyima-Chan on DeviantART has shared her recent cosplay creation with us. Although she didn’t dress up as her favourite Stargate character, she went all out and dressed up as the Stargate itself. To be accurate, when standing up she looks like the unstable burst of energy or whoosh that shoots out of the event horizon as a stable wormhole is connected. Nyima-Chan has done a superb job creating this Stargate dress. The Chevron locking indicator lights even light up! So cool!

Girl Dressed up as a Stargate

Girl created a Stargate DressPhotos By: Nyima-Chan on DeviantART

So you can cosplay as the actual Stargate after all! Tweet This.

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