The day I found myself shopping for fabric

Now that we have a little girl on the way my wife has been wanting to make some new things for our new baby. So thats how I found myself at Spotlight chasing around a crazy two year old, who was insistent on climbing on every shelf in the store.

Spotlight has aisles chock full of fabric and crafting supplies. I actually feel for my son and understand why he goes crazy in that store. Watching my baby builder stand there for half an hour just trying to match up 6 different fabrics was driving me insane as well.

Little girls donut

This Sit Me Up Donut was why my wife needed fabric

So anyway, I found myself running around Spotlight making sure my son wasn’t in another aisle poking his eyes out with a pair of scissors. At this stage we were looking for something called “interfacing” and I found myself wondering if it was ever going to end. While I was chasing the little terror I rounded a corner in the fabric section and stopped in my tracks, for I had seen something truly amazing. I saw the coolest fabric ever, ok I know how that sounds, but It really is very cool. The fabric was an awesome pattern that reminded me of the night sky, the stars over a blue black background was so awesome I had to have it. I made my wife promise to make me a pillowcase out of it so that I could sleep with my head amongst the stars. Yes I know how that sounds too!

Starry Pillowcase

And here is my Nerdy pillowcase

I have always been fascinated by space. When I was ten I was given the opportunity to take extra classes in school. There were all sorts of subjects available, but I chose Astronomy. I loved learning all about the planets and space, I will visit space someday, even if I have to pay for it. I still love everything about space, I follow everything that is happening with Mars-one, the Mars rovers and generally anything to do with space and space travel. I really am a Space Nerd, but hey I can’t help that and I am not ashamed to say that space patterned fabric actually got me excited. I really don’t understand why my wife was embarrassed to take it through the checkout.

Anyway I am off to have dreams of traveling through space, possibly visiting new worlds and new civilizations, boldly going where…. You get the picture. Why oh why can’t someone just invent a warp drive already?

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