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Pros: The world in The Last of Us is truly epic, each area is quite large and you can explore extensively to find collectibles and useful gear. The graphics are top notch and they combined with the gameplay finally maxed out the PS3. The story in this game will really draw you in.
Cons: The third person style in this game took some getting used to and that was a bit of downside at first. The only other Con about The Last of Us is that is ended!

The Last of Us Game Review

The Last of Us is without a doubt, a truly extraordinary game. To review The Last of Us I will start by telling you that it is a game style I would not normally play. I am a diehard Call of duty fan; Black ops, Modern Warfare, you name it, I have played it, to death! Multiple deaths actually, but I digress. It is often very hard for a First Person Shooter lover like me to transition to a Third Person game like The Last of Us. But with a little perseverance I managed to push on. I am so glad I did because once I had the hang of it, I loved it!

The Last Of Us

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This amazing game created by NaughtyDog has an incredible world that you traverse through coupled with a gripping story. Games have always had stories but this one really grabbed you and sucked you right into being a part of it. The way Ellie and Joel interact and slowly grow their relationship is a major part of how the game captures you. Dialogue and character interaction continues through the gameplay and cut scenes. When you play The Last of Us it is like you are playing a really long movie, that is trying to stop you getting to the end. Another game that was similar comes to mind and that is Heavy Rain. The difference is that Heavy Rain was too much like a movie and not enough game, The Last of Us has the perfect mixture.

This post apocalyptic world is set after a mutated Cordyceps fungus infects humans turning them into, for lack of a better word, fungal zombies. It is your job as Joel to escort a young teenager, Ellie, full of attitude and bad language through this deadly world to the Fireflies. The fireflies are a group which learn about along the way. Ellie is special and the Fireflies need her delivered safe and sound. The villains in this game came from all quarters and seemed to be never ending. It has you wondering if the world would really fall that far in the face of such a disaster. You will battle your way through the infected, bandits, and the Military. By far the most creepy are the infected people called Clickers. The violence and heavy swearing makes this game better suited to older teenagers or adults.

After playing this excellent game I don’t know what else will compare. I believe the story is what truly made this game so great. The graphics were awesome, the world was amazing and unique and the story that filled it all was top notch. Even though I usually prefer the First Person style The Last of Us as a Third Person game worked beautifully and I would not have it any other way. This Game is truly a work of art.