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Pros: The Fisher Price Workbench is made of good quality materials and is available at a good price for the use that your child will get out of it. It has three volume settings which is always a good thing, plus it has two different modes, musical and learning.
Cons: The songs are addictive and you will find yourself singing along. Children can easily fall over if they try and stand up using the headboard as a support.

My little guy, Adam, adores his Fisher Price workbench. Now that he is walking around it often finds its way out of the toy room and into the lounge room. We bought the toy bench for him at the age of six months and now a few months off two he still enjoys bashing away at the coloured pegs.

Adam loved his Fisher Price Workbench

There are three coloured pegs each one a different shape; the yellow is square, the blue a triangle and the red one is a circle. Each peg also lights up in conjunction with the music or when they are pressed. The toy workbench has three different modes including a musical mode, counting mode and a shapes and colours mode. I found the musical mode was the best one as it always seemed to keep Adam’s attention for a lot longer. The learning modes are a lot more useful now that he is older. He often points to the different pegs and says “lellow, boo and red” which in his speak means yellow, blue and red. He also knows the names of the three shapes and enjoys pointing them out as well.

Fisher Price Workbench

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Another great thing about this toy is that in the two year and frequent playing I have only changed the AA batteries three times. There are no electric moving parts, just lights and noise so the batteries don’t wear down as quick. You will also be happy to know that there is also a volume control, where you can even turn the noise off if you desire. The toy comes with a removable hammer which can be used on the pegs quite safely. The hammer rattles with what seems like a little ball inside. The hammer was never a big hit with Adam, he preferred to pound at the pegs with his hands.

The toy also has a turning vice handle which activates music and a sliding nut on top of the vice as well. The drill press spiral drum spins when the handle is cranked and also activates the music. On the front of the workbench you will see a sliding scale that clicks into each position. There is also a Paint roller on the back board that spins, the spinning paint roller was a favourite of our little boy when he was younger. Now it seems the crank on the drill press gets the best work out.

The Fisher Price Workbench is well worth looking into if you are on the hunt for a cool toy that will last a little guy or girl for quite a few years.