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Pros: Its Lego's cousin, what better pro is there than that. This particular Duplo set is a very simple train construction that comes with numbered blocks in different colours. This helps kids learn both their numbers and colours while playing with a toy train.
Cons: Like most lego products the price is just a little bit much for what you get.

Teaching young children between the ages of two and five about numbers can be difficult right. At this young age, learning to count has to be exciting or the children lose interest quickly due to their short attention spans. My son absolutely adores his Duplo Number train and particularly loves to click the wagons together.

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To make learning about numbers fun, why not incorporate the LEGO Duplo Number Train, set number 10558 into their playtime. It not only teaches the young children about numbers, but also helps the children learn how to be creative by using their imagination to build not only the numbers train, but also any kind of structure they want out of the materials provided such as a house or tunnel.

With the Lego Number Train come two fun little figurines with one being a little boy with a red hat and an adorable black and white puppy with spots. Along with the figurines, there are three education wagons in different exciting colours of red, blue and green. This will help teach your children about colours as they play with this toy too. There are also ten colourful building blocks. Each building block has a number written on it. The building blocks fit right onto the wagons and they will be the tools you use too help teach counting. Along with all of the cool pieces just mentioned, a train engine is given too. After all, you cannot have a train set with out the engine.

Not only will children be learning about numbers while playing with this train, but they will learn about colours and shapes too. Learning about colours and shapes is just as important as learning about numbers since later on in life they will probably need these skills in art and other classes. My little guy loves to pull his train around on the floor and has even started saying the numbers along with us as we point to them.

Best of all, when teachers or parents give the Lego Number Train to a small group of children to play with it, it can help teach social skills such as working together and sharing. In today’s world, social skills are necessary to have because without them proper communication cannot happen. Without proper communication skills a child could have a much harder time when they are older working in the real world with other people.

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As a parent or teacher, we want our children to have all the advantages they can to succeed in this world. This is why the Lego Number Train is such a great learning toy for young children to have at playtime.