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Pros: The Undivided is well paced and really keeps you wanting to read more, which is every authors aim. The sci-fi/fantasy concepts are believable and well thought out. The writing is good, the characters are well developed and the story flows.
Cons: No real cons with this book or the next two, except that the trilogy ended!

Jennifer Fallon is a talented Australian Fantasy author, well known for The Tide Lords Quartet. Jennifer has clearly outdone herself with her newest work the Rift Runners trilogy, which starts with The Undivided. The first thing you need to know is when sitting down with this book that you have a few spare hours, because you will not want to put it down. Jennifer has the uncanny ability to create a story that sucks you in like an industrial strength Vacuum.

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The Undivided is where you first meet the psychic twins Ronan and Darragh born into a reality full of magic. The undivided twins are needed by the druids as these special twins are their connection to the magic of the Tuatha de danann. But, the treacherous druid Amergin has thrown Ronan into a reality void of magicJennifer has skilfully merged modern day, fantasy and ancient gaelic elements to create this story that spans multiple realities. Throwing characters that are accustomed to magic and swords into a modern day reality with electricity and cars makes for an interesting interaction. The characters of her books are always unique and engaging and The Undivided is no exception. You really start to feel for the characters, loving some and hating others. The plot is very interesting and fast paced, the author gives you no time to get bored or bogged down with large amounts of narrative, which really helps the story to flow.

I recommend checking out the Glossary first as there are a lot of Gaelic words throughout the book. It certainly is nice to know know that Beansidhe is actually said as Ban-shee and not as bean-side. There are plenty of other Nouns written in Gaelic, so be sure to check out that glossary, it definitely helps.

If you are into interesting and unique fantasy/sci-fi stories then The Undivided is a great book for you. Jennifer does a great job at creating believable characters, unique worlds and an overall story that has a great balance of comedy, action, romance and drama. The best part is that the story doesn’t end with The Undivided, it continues on in the The Dark Divide and Reunion. I highly recommend The Undivided by Jennifer Fallon, it is a great read.

Jennifer Fallon has finished her Rift Runners Trilogy and it is nothing short of amazing. Jennifer is a true word artist. The two books following The Undivided continues the story of Ronan and Darragh. They are yet again worlds apart, despite being together in the same place however briefly. They need to re-unite because if they don’t their lives are forfeit.