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Pros: The action was face paced and kept moving most of the time. The super fast Zombie virus is plausible but unlikely, but it really kept the action sequences fast. Most of movie and what occurred was realistic although surviving a plane crash is quite rare.
Cons: There were occasional stopping points where they got all mushy, those type of parts aren't desirable although they did help to give you the impression that Gerry was a relatively normal guy instead of a Hero that regularly did impossible things. The only other con would be the plane crash.

I have now seen World War Z and it was pretty AWESOME, now my new favourite zombie movie! I love movies, especially movies with great special effects. In fact for me it usually doesn’t have to have a unique story, but it does have to have a decent one. Yes, World War Z may have the same elements of every action-thriller-drama movie. More often than not one person saves the day and his or her family and friends are rescued. But this movie was unique, it’s story was relatively familiar but in this case it is all about the way it was told. You don’t really appreciate how different it is until the end, when you actually sit back, take a breath and realise that it didn’t really happen. World War Z, Let’s call it WWZ, is a Zombie movie that is slightly plausible, it had a touch of realism, that is what sets this one apart from all the rest.

World War Z

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Brad Pitt plays a United Nations investigator who is no stranger to difficult situations and thinking on his feet. He is the main character and apart from seriously needing a hair cut he does a great job. His character isn’t a gung-ho die hard action hero, which was very refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, Gerry Lane is very competent and resourceful, he just doesn’t go around killing helicopters with cars like Mr Die Hard. In saying that I must point out that blowing a hole in the side of a passenger plane that you happen to be on is not the smartest idea Gerry. Even though the doors are kind of flimsy, maybe taking refuge in the cockpit might have been better, especially if you stayed quiet.

World War Z, oops WWZ, was filmed rather well in my opinion. Action scenes were clear and easy to follow, it seems all to often these days that cameras swing wildly around giving you an almost sickening view. WWZ was smooth and you didn’t get lost or feel like you were being swung around by the feet. A lot of the new movies being released are showing more and more of a human element. They are focusing a lot on making characters believable and realistic. Gerry Lane seems a lot more normal, while still being pretty extraordinary, than the typical action hero. You also get to see and maybe even feel why he does what he does. Ultimately it is all for his family.

While watching WWZ I got the distinct feeling that what was happening on screen could actually happen. It had this sort of believable feel to it. The characters were all very realistic without any over the top abilities or anything truly unbelievable occurring. I also found that WWZ didn’t need to have zombies jumping out suddenly all over the place just to freak you out. The zombies in this movie were easily the most aggressive, persistent and scary zombies that I have seen in any other movie. Plus why be scared of Zombies when a super powered Milla will save you.

I really enjoyed World War Z, I believe it is well worth watching, in fact I wouldn’t mind watching it again right now. Then again I did only finish it an hour before writing this, so maybe I will just wait until tomorrow. Watch World War Z, easily the best Zombie Apocalypse movie ever, plus maybe there is a conspiracy here, it may just be someones way of warning us…