An Unfortunate Potty Accident.

As you may have read in my older posts, ‘Toilet Training Yay‘ and ‘It’s a Camel,’ we have managed to toilet trained our little boy. There are still the occasional accidents and oops moments, but that’s to be expected from a 2 year old right? (Unfortunately I have worked with some ‘adults’ that still have the same problem.)

There I was making dinner one night, a beautiful pasta sauce with heaps of hidden vegies in it, while the little bloke was sitting on my computer chair watching that bloody non-scientific Little Einsteins show. He likes it, so whatever. Anyway he decided it was time to go do wee, and told his Mum.

Adam: “Mummy, do wee.”

So I pipe up and say: “Quick go to the potty.”

He has started this whole thing where he hates having to climb up onto the toilet, so we’re back to the potty again for a bit I guess.

potty training 2

The little guy runs into the Laundry where we keep his potty. This potty comes in four pieces- a base, a removable waste bowl, a removable cushioned seat and a lid. The lid never lives near it and is normally used as a step to get up to the potty seat on the toilet.

Well the little guy had decided he didn’t want to go on his own and since the parents (that’s us) weren’t coming to him, Yep that’s right, he decided to come to us. With the Potty!

Now normally that would be all good. But what we didn’t realise is that obviously he had started going to the potty on his own, because it happened to be full of wee. I must point out that we always empty it whenever we take him to the potty, so that’s why, at first, seeing him carrying it towards us at a run wasn’t that worrying. By the time he had put it down and started to pull down his track pants both his mum and I realised that something was wrong.

He was wet all over, Yes, covered in his own wee!

There was also a wee trail all down the tiled hallway.

My wife and I both looked at each other and back at Adam, who was sitting there after his urine shower smiling and all proud of himself saying.

“Good boy, do wees on Potty! Mummy, Daddy, Good boy?”

Poor little wee covered bloke, he didn’t know what he was doing and also didn’t seem to be that concerned about being covered in pee. But he did do a wee on the potty, so he was a good boy for that.

“Yes, good boy.” We both said, still looking at him deciding what to do.

Having gotten the reaction he wanted Adam was up like a shot. In an instant the parenting instinct kicked in and we both galvanised into action. Mum went for the toddler and I went for the potty and a mop. It is amazing how in those few micro seconds a well oiled Mum and Dad machine can automatically deduce the best method of getting the problem fixed and cleaned up before the wee covered whirl wind monster can spread his mess.

The thing about this whole situation was that I was actually proud of the fact that he had been going to the potty all on his own without us knowing about it. It was a good feeling to know that all our hard work, ok mostly my wife’s hard work, had finally started paying off. Because up until now I almost regretted having toilet trained him.

Only because I’m lazy, it’s easier when he brings a nappy and wipes so that I don’t have to get up and escort him to the potty!

But being able to discover this amazing little snippet of information was only slightly marred by the fact that he went and tipped it all over himself. But it’s all good, that’s what a bath is for.

Just like this.

Daddy you're doing it wrong


What lovely toilet stories have you got to share with us?

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