My Nerd Cave

I have finally finished it, my nerd cave is complete. It is my temple of solitude….. Who am I kidding, I have kids, there is no escaping kids, never any solitude!

In all fairness I actually like having them in there sometimes… sometimes!

Often I can distract them in my nerd cave just long enough for my wife to have 2 or 3 minutes in peace.

I turn on the PS4 and pop in Destiny or COD and play while my 8 month old girl loves to crawl around looking for something to chew on, usually she is happy with chewing on the floor rug or the lounge. The little guy loves to sit there and play with the big lego technics I have set up.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to show of my Nerd Cave, let me know what you think.

My Nerd Cave


Taken with Panorama mode on my iPhone, that is why things look slightly bent.

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  1. David Hawkins March 20, 2015

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