It’s Toilet Training Time, Yay!

Warning: Toilet Talk

I never thought I would be excited to see a two year old boy drop a log in the toilet. But after 2 years of buying and then changing nappy after nappy, or in my case listening to my wife complain about it, you get really excited. Toilet Training or potty training can be tough, but the mission, should you choose to accept it, will pay off in the end. So my wife found a 3 day Potty Training method and decided to give it a go.

A potty is useful when potty training!

My little boy has just turned two and as we have another little grommet on its way, due to arrive in just a few months, we thought it would be a lot easier to toilet train the little guy now. My heroic wife took on this mission and the result was awesome.

The first day was an epic battle and it was very nearly the undoing of our heroine. With the breaking of dawn on the second day a breakthrough. The little guy walked up and asked Mummy if he could go “wee wee potty”. By the end of that day the whole “toilet training” thing seemed almost possible. With the closing of day three, our Lady Hero advised me of her success.

The 3 day potty training method really does work. The first day it hardly seemed like it, but when that little voice said “wee wee potty” on the second morning, it made it all seem worthwhile. So my recommendation is to give it a go but stick with it, and follow the rules perfectly. If you do, you will find it really does work!

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All jokes aside I am very proud of my wife and little boy. Well Done!

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