It’s Time For a Baby Gate

There comes a time when that helpless little bundle of joy that you brought home from the hospital starts becoming mobile. Oh yeah, the era of baby proofing has begun. Sometimes it is easier to simply baby proof a whole area of your house with a gate. Maybe you have an area of the house where pets live or a set of stairs you don’t want your newly mobile baby to fall down. For us our biggest concern was a kitty litter tray. There is nothing worse than the thought of finding your baby munching on kitty litter….gross! Enter the baby gate.

Dreambaby® decided to help me with this by sending me a Dreambaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate to try out.

Baby Gate


Yes! Do it. Get it, it works, need I say more?

Well I will anyway, because it works so well and I think you need to know why.

There are so many baby/security gates on the market. I have tried three different brands one of which had an extremely secure locking mechanism with 6 inch handle that, when lifted up, unlocked the gate. It hooked onto my sleeve one fateful day and the gate and I end up in a tangled mess. The other gate we tried had a cheap and nasty locking mechanism that a gentle shove could overcome. The Dreambaby® gate is simple yet seems of good quality. The two actions require you to hold a little slider while lifting and pushing the gate open. And no handle to jump out and attack me.

Another beautiful feature of this gate is the extra height. Much to our 3 year olds disgust, it makes it much harder for toddlers to try and climb over or work on the latch, and in our case still low enough for the cat to easily jump over. Both my wife and I found the Stay Open feature really handy. The room we are trying to keep baby free is the laundry and doing the washing often requires a lot of entering and exiting of said room. The gate which opens both ways will stay open when opened up to about 90 degrees. It is very handy when used in a room that you will be going in and out of a lot in a short space of time. You will just need to get in the habit of pulling it out of the Stay Open position once you are done. Like most gates the Liberty Tall Security Gate will also lock when it swings itself shut.

In short, I would say the Dreambaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate is definitely worth looking at if you are in the market for a gate to keep your little (or big) one safe. 

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