It’s a Girl!

We are finally back from hospital!

And we are now a family of four, two boys and two girls. 

My wife has been in hospital for four days recovering from a caesarean while our little boy has been looked after by his grandparents from Queensland. Which thankfully meant that I have been able to travel into Perth everyday to spend time with my wife and new born baby girl.

It's a Rainbow

Here is How it Went.

4:30am Was the time we had to wake up and get ready to go into the hospital, which was an easy event. It mainly involved swinging out of bed, showering and then getting dressed.

5:30am The drive from our place to the hospital in Perth usually takes about an hour if you leave during peak traffic at 7 o’clock, but if you leave at five thirty it is a hell of a lot quicker.

6:05am We arrived to a deserted car park at the hospital which was excellent but we quickly realised we only had $1.10 in coins for the parking meter. Which gave us exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes worth of parking. 

6:15am After the walk up the hill from the car park and being told off for walking to fast by my 39 week pregnant wife a few times we arrive at the admissions desk and were asked to take a seat. It was great because no one else had arrived yet, we were first. Having been told to be there at 6:30am so that we wouldn’t miss our surgical appointment we thought it might be good if we got there early

6:30am The day surgery receptionist finally opened the doors to the waiting room.

6:50am An admissions midwife called my partners name and asked us to follow her for processing. She sat us down and explained what was about to happen, she also informed us that we were third in line for a caesarean. Huh?! There was no one there but us. I was a bit put out by that, no one else had turned up before we were called in at 6:50. So the others were late, and we still had to sit around until 10:00. Plus if a woman in labour needed an emergency caesarean that would also push our time out. 

GREAT! I spent the next few minutes building a bridge!

7:30am Wifey was all processed she had on compression stockings to prevent blood clots and a hospital gown. She was also given a blanket because it did happen to be winter and was a little cold. No one asked if I wanted one! We were shown to the “special” waiting room and my eyes lit up as there were these enormous electric reclining couches. They looked so comfortable! 

“Unfortunately those are for the patients but there are other special chairs for you to sit on.” Said the midwife looking at me and pointing at some very hard and uncomfortable looking plastic chairs.

Yay! I was so excited about my special chair! *Holds up “sarcasm” sign.* (yes I watch too much Big Bang Theory)

7:45am We were all settled, my chair was hard, but my wife was so comfortable she was almost asleep and then it became a waiting game. 

7:55am I decided I should go and organise some more change for the parking meter. I went for a walk and as I was putting the ticket into the car I noticed that the early morning sun and low cloud cover had created a rainbow that was sitting atop the hospital. Hopefully a good omen!

8:30am My wife was asleep and I was reading a science illustrated magazine and could hardly feel my arse anymore.

10:10am We were called up, it was an exciting moment for me because I no longer had to sit on that damn seat, oh and it meant we were about to have a baby. I could see my wife was looking quite nervous. They asked her if she needed to go to the toilet one last time before going in.

10:20am It was time for me to don my blue scrubs and my name tag, we were going in.

10:45am We were taken into the theatre preparation room. A few observations were taken but there I was sitting on a stool in front of my wife who was sitting hunched over on a hospital bed while they shoved a giant needle into her spine. The spinal block and epidural were both being administered in a new combined method. 

11:20am They wheeled my wife into the operating room or theatre as they call it. I had to wait behind in the theatre preparation room. 

11:25am The midwife came and got me and sat me down next to my wife’s head, the midwives then erected a barrier sheet between us and my wife’s belly. 

11:40am All I really remember from this moment was making jokes with the midwives, the anaesthetist and my wife, who had calmed down a lot and had finally stopped shaking. I also remember being able to see the surgeons feet right next to mine underneath the barrier curtain. He was wearing white crocs that had smiley faces drawn in permanent marker on the top. 

I remember pointing out that I really wished someone had of asked me if I needed to go to the toilet before coming in. Everyone laughed, I felt good! Until I nearly peed while laughing.

Tip: If you are the support person of someone going in for a caesarean go to the loo before  they take you into theatre.

12:11pm Our little girl, Alexis was born! 


We have since come home, my wife is on the mend, our little girl is getting stronger already and our poor little boy is a bit put out by it all but that is a whole other story, stay tuned.

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