I’m In Trouble For Playing With Lego

When I was a little boy my Dad built an entire Lego town. It had a hospital, police station and all the other things a town has. It was all set out on our dining room table, until I climbed up there and went all Pacific Rim on that little Lego town.

From the moment we decided to create ourselves a little human, I have been collecting lego city sets in the hopes of doing the same for my kids. For about 5 years now my collection has been growing, City, Star Wars and Galaxy Squad Lego sets. I decided my town will probably be set under a dome on another Planet.

I was building a Star Wars set one afternoon when the little bloke woke up from his sleep. He toddled out and all he wanted to do was play with the Lego fighter I was building. I am less worried about him breaking it (I can always rebuild it) than I am of him popping a small piece in his mouth and choking. Anyways, I got in trouble for playing with toys and not letting the actual kid play with them.

One day it will all be his Lego and he can do what ever he wants with it. Now, my Lego technic sets are a different story. My 42000 race car is one such set. This I won’t be letting him play with for a while, although it is quite tough and hard to pull apart, the gears are all plastic and could easily be stripped. Check out this link to see some cool Lego Technic sets that I bought for Adam to play with.


You can find this @ Amazon

I actually bought the Technic sets for me, but hey, guess what, I also get in trouble for not letting him play with them as well. Yet, when he has a handful of cookies and I want to share one of them with him, I get in trouble for stealing! So, what do you get in trouble for that is or isn’t totally unwarranted?

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