How to Survive an Alien Invasion

Do you think you know how to survive an alien invasion? Let’s start off with what prompted this question and we will get back to surviving an alien invasion shortly.

I’m an extreme sci-fi/fantasy fan, I read and watch every bit of sci-fi or fantasy that I can. I originally started out watching movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Star Trek and Stargate. In recent years I have been watching movies like Battleship, Battle Los Angeles and Independence Day, also TV shows like Revolution, StarCrossed and Falling Skies

At first as a naive teenager I looked forward to the future where we could travel to other planets in starships or if our archaeologists got lucky a Stargate. But now I know better. Sadly we will never have technology even close to that in my life time. So I now watch some of the newer stuff with renewed hope that their story lines may have a slightly higher chance of happening soon. That is because they are shows about aliens invading earth, we can’t get there yet, doesn’t mean they cant get to us!!!

how to survive an alien invasion


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Okay, let’s get to the real point of this blog post. What will happen if aliens purposefully invade or accidentally crash land on Earth. Unlike others who fear a Zombie apocalypse, I actually think the possibility of alien invaders is more likely. So what will happen if aliens attack? Do you know how to survive an alien attack?

A smart alien race invading Earth will take out out cities and decimate our population in one massive coordinated strike, more than likely doing so from orbit, where we have little to no chance of stopping them. Once this has happened they will land, conduct some further human eradication and then set up shop. These Aliens will probably set up near human infrastructure that they may be able to utilize. 

Now I am not one of those Preppers on some sort of personal mission to  be fully prepared with a set out plan for an event that will most likely never occur. But when I decided to get a Bow for my Birthday last year, I secretly thought to myself:

Yes I can shoot a rifle, and yes it’s better than a bow but It is my back up plan. If Earth is invaded and me and my family are forced out into the wilderness I will be able to hunt for food until our ammunition runs out. That is where my bow comes in real handy. It is a skill that is adaptable to new tools, if my current bow fails I could learn to fix it or construct a new one and still have the skills to use it. The only thing of real danger (other than aliens) that we would face would be snakes. Our group would mostly need weapons for food supply rather than for protection. Although there is always the chance the aliens will sweep through the outback of Western Australia. Other rogue groups of survivors may also be a challenge but there are no wild predators to be concerned about.

I luckily live in Western Australia, a state that takes up a third of our sizable country. We have a small population of 2.5 million people most of which are in the city of Perth. Now if that city were destroyed, There would be very few people left in our massive state. Our state has huge areas of untouched wilderness of varying climates and vegetation types. There is a lot of land, 2,529,875 square kilometres (976,790 sq mi) to be precise, in which my family could hide from our new alien residents. That is, if they even came looking in our remote little corner of the globe.

My alien invasion plan would be:

  1. Throw a few essentials (my family included) into my 4×4 Landcruiser.
  2. Drive as quickly (yet safely) as possible to an agreed outback meeting point with my Dad and possibly uncles and their families (if they survive) as well. There are better chances of survival in small groups with different individuals bringing different skills to the table.
  3. Let the dust and smoke settle for a few weeks and then investigate the state of the city. 
  4. If need be collect supplies and set up camp in a protected and remote area of the state.  

There I think we could live out our lives in peace and quiet, albeit in a much more primitive way than we were used to. 

If surviving an alien invasion isn’t reason enough to move to Australia, I don’t know what is!

Suggestions on How to Survive an Alien Invasion:

  1. Move to Australia, plenty of open space for Invasion survivors, just don’t be in Perth when the shit hits the fan.
  2. Bring insect repellant, if you aren’t taken by aliens the flies and mosquitos will make you wish you were.
  3. Learn some basic navigation skills, navigation by stars, or at least learn that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  4. A bit of bushcraft won’t go astray, fire lighting, weaving, carving, hunting and gathering. 
  5. Learn to use a bow or throw a hunting knife, shooting is useful but ammunition won’t last forever. 
  6. Own a vehicle that you can take off road, at the first sign of invasion, take it and get the hell away from civilisation. 

Definitely check out This post about Bug Out Bags

Now you can survive an alien invasion, provided they haven’t bioengineered some sort of airborn virus that turns us all into zombies on contact. If that’s the case I suggest taking the “Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?” test. My results are posted below. I think I should be safe with aliens as well.

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My Result: You survived!
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