Happy Star Wars Day – May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars day everybody and may the 4th be with you!

I have loved stars for what feels like forever. I remember at the age of eight my parents took us on a 7500km road trip across Australia. One night we were staying in a motel, it was late, we had just arrived and my younger sisters were already asleep. My parents had carried my sisters inside and put them into bed. I was still wide awake, I was a night owl even then. My Mum and dad locked the room door and went to get some food from the servo. So I got out my giant bag of Lego and turned on the TV, up popped the start of Empire Strikes Back. I sat there (didn’t touch my Lego) eating my dinner and watched the whole thing. By the time it ended my parents were asleep also, I sat there watching the credits and thought, wow that was awesome

When our trip concluded my first order of business was to get my dad to hire out the whole trilogy on VHS (oh man I feel old) so that I could watch them all.

I have been a Star Wars fan ever since. I even liked the new ones, episodes one, two and three, only because it was freaking Star Wars. The terrible acting of young Anakin and all the other things that people pick on never bothered me. I love anything to do with Star Wars, always have and always will. I am looking forward to the new Star Wars episodes, I am sure Disney will do a fine job and I have made up my mind to love the new movies already.

Anyways here is great page with some awesome Star Wars gift ideas for us geeky men, we will love them.

Great Star Wars Gifts For Men 

star wars cufflinks

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