From the Mouths of Toddlers – It’s a Camel!

I recently spoke about toilet training with the 3 day method and how well it worked. But the story continues. 

potty training

A year ago we tried to start potty training, we quickly gave up. But before we did the little guy squeezed one out, we were shocked, we couldn’t believe he had actually done it. As he normally did when he had done a wee he liked to look in and see how things had changed. Well, the little guy peered into the potty and squealed in fright, he ran over to mummy and cried for ages. There was obviously something terribly frightening in that potty. 

It took six months for us to even get him to sit back on it again. Then came the success story which you obviously want to go read if you haven’t already. So for 4 weeks now Adam has been going on the potty, what a little champ, hooray, no more money spent on Nappies. So this is what happened last night: 

Adam: Mummy, poos and wees potty.

Mummy: Yep on the potty, you can do it!

Here is where he very oddly stands in front of it, bends over so his head is touching the ground and looks between his leg as he shuffles back until his rear end is hovering over the potty before plonking himself down. Successfully perched upon his throne he completes his task and stands up. First order of business, before allowing his backside to be wiped, is to check out his creation. He peers in….

Adam: Mummy, what is it? Its a Camel, Moooooo!

Mummy and Daddy: Hysterical laughter.

What the?!


Photo Credit: Tarek Siala (CC license)

Apparently he dropped a camel in that potty. First time I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that.

Today it happened again, first it was a monkey and then it was a Snail. Normal people might find animal shapes in the clouds. My son finds animal shapes in his Poo!


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