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My Boy Loves His Fisher Price Workbench

My little guy, Adam, adores his Fisher Price workbench. Now that he is walking around it often finds its way out of the toy room and into the lounge room. We bought the toy bench for him at the age of six months and now a few

Best Zombie Movie Of All Time

I have now seen World War Z and it was pretty AWESOME, now my new favourite zombie movie! I love movies, especially movies with great special effects. In fact for me it usually doesn’t have to have a unique story, but it does have to have a decent one.

Jennifer Fallon’s The Undivided

Jennifer Fallon is a talented Australian Fantasy author, well known for The Tide Lords Quartet. Jennifer has clearly outdone herself with her newest work the Rift Runners trilogy, which starts with The Undivided. The first thing you need to know is when sitting down with this book that you

Lego Number Train – Helping Kids Learn With Play

Teaching young children between the ages of two and five about numbers can be difficult right. At this young age, learning to count has to be exciting or the children lose interest quickly due to their short attention spans. My son absolutely adores his Duplo Number train

The Last Of Us Game Review

The Last of Us Game Review The Last of Us is without a doubt, a truly extraordinary game. To review The Last of Us I will start by telling you that it is a game style I would not normally play. I am a diehard Call of