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It’s Time For a Baby Gate

There comes a time when that helpless little bundle of joy that you brought home from the hospital starts becoming mobile. Oh yeah, the era of baby proofing has begun. Sometimes it is easier to simply baby proof a whole area of your house with a gate. Maybe

My Nerd Cave

I have finally finished it, my nerd cave is complete. It is my temple of solitude….. Who am I kidding, I have kids, there is no escaping kids, never any solitude! In all fairness I actually like having them in there sometimes… sometimes! Often I can distract them

The Joys of Changing Nappies

Nothing can prepare a parent for the joys that come with nappy changing. Except maybe working in childcare…. Who would do that to themselves? The day your child is born is truly a wonderful day, but before that day is done you will, no doubt, have changed your

It’s a Girl!

We are finally back from hospital! And we are now a family of four, two boys and two girls.  My wife has been in hospital for four days recovering from a caesarean while our little boy has been looked after by his grandparents from Queensland. Which thankfully meant

An Unfortunate Potty Accident.

As you may have read in my older posts, ‘Toilet Training Yay‘ and ‘It’s a Camel,’ we have managed to toilet trained our little boy. There are still the occasional accidents and oops moments, but that’s to be expected from a 2 year old right? (Unfortunately I have

5 Fun Reasons Why I love being a Dad

Being a dad is the most rewarding, challenging, tiring and exciting thing I’ve done with my life. Yes there are times when i want to rip my hair out or hide in a closet but those are for another post. Today I’m going to share with  you

What is a Tantrum?

tantrum ˈtantrəm/noun an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child. Seems legit! But I think the definition of a Tantrum should be more along the lines of: tantrum ˈtantrəm/noun An action undertaken by a toddler possessed by three or more demons at once!