5 Fun Reasons Why I love being a Dad

Being a dad is the most rewarding, challenging, tiring and exciting thing I’ve done with my life. Yes there are times when i want to rip my hair out or hide in a closet but those are for another post. Today I’m going to share with  you my top 5 reasons why being a dad is awesome.

1- I love toys.

Hey, I’m not ashamed to admit it, it’s simply the way I am, I love toys. Now I have the perfect excuse to go out and buy all the cool stuff I can find. That is, until the wifey sees the trolley full of awesome stuff and makes me put most of it back. I love going shopping for the little guy, so much that I sometimes get over excited and buy toys that are too old for him. This usually ends in my significant other telling me that I actually bought it for myself… Probably a little truth in that.

One of our favourite toys are matchbox cars and race tracks so I recently bought him this cool little micro drifters race track. I thought it was going to be a lot simpler than it was. It turned out way too hard and complicated for a two and a half year old to operate. Oops. 

Playing with toy cars and race tracks

We both love this Little Tikes ramp, even though it has a ton of bad reviews on Amazon, which really annoys me. Adam loves launching all of his different cars off the jump.

I’m basically just a big kid. If you didn’t get that idea from the number 1 reason I love being a dad then you surely will from the second.

2. I love Playgrounds.

Being able to take my son to the playground and help him go down the slide is the best. For some reason most parents object to seeing a grown man enjoying kids play equipment. But hey, I couldn’t possibly let my 2.5 year old go up there all by himself could I? 

Those great big indoor jungle gym things are so much fun. I remember them being a bit easier to navigate though. I nearly twisted myself into a pretzel and pulled a few muscles I didn’t realise I had while trying to follow the little bloke up through the different levels. I’m so glad the little guy loves slides because I know I bloody do.

I love being a dad

Having a great time going down a slide!

3. Being able to visit cool places.

 I’ve always loved going to places like the zoo. Now I get to take my little boy to all these awesome places as often as I like. We’ve been to the zoo more times in the last year than I have ever been in my whole life. 

Seeing my little boy get excited about visiting his favorite animals makes the experience even better. Whether it’s a zoo, museum, or animatronic dinosaur park, we both have a great time.

fun outings

Learning all about fish at AQWA

4. Sneaking up and scaring the little guy is hilarious.

It may sound mean but he really loves it. Every time I sneak up on him and make him jump he turns around with a big grin and laughs. I get a very different reaction when I do it to my wife though. 

When I was little my Dad taught me how to walk quietly by rolling my feet in a certain way. I think my Dad came to regret that, just as I probably will when I teach my son. In a few years he will even be able to practice on his little sister, or his Mum… Hopefully his Mum. 

5. Being able to clown around for the enjoyment of your kids is a lot of fun.

Singing silly songs while hopping on one foot and pulling a weird face IS so much fun. Everything you do that makes your kid smile makes you smile. Even when you hurt yourself! I once slammed my finger in a kitchen drawer. Apparently seeing his Dad doubled over trying to squeeze the pain out of a crushed finger while jumping around in pain is quite hilarious to a 2 year old.

Seeing that little smile and hearing that laugh makes it all feel better a lot quicker than it normally would. Even though the tip of your finger now feels 3 times larger, and like it may never gain back feeling, you just can’t help but laugh and smile as well.

Being a Dad is awesome! I haven’t had so much fun since I was a kid! Tweet This

What reasons do you have for loving being a parent?

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